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Name: Kenneth
Nickname: kkyh
Age: 19
DOB: 19 Feb 1985
Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball
Idol: S.H.E, Hebe Tian
School: Temasek Polytechnic
Course: Diploma in IT

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* Friday, October 29, 2004 *

WOW! its been almost a week since mi last blog le.. holidays liao.. slack until become so lazy.. everyday oso watch tv.. hongkong dramas.. taiwan variety shows.. n now.. singapore dramas.. can watch tv from 5+ pm until 5+ am.. on top of tat.. english.. spanish.. italian.. soccer matches.. so in love with mi tv le.. seeing myself like tat reminds mi of a fren.. Cory Yew Shi Yun.. she's a tv freak.. she can forsake everything except her tv.. she can watch tv e whole day.. best eh!!! ok shall recall back past so mani days happenings..

Sunday (23rd Oct)
supposed to meet Tan Alvin aka Chen Yi Wen (Chen Yi Xun's brother) 10am at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.. but but but.. lazy boi woke up at 9.58am.. quickly give a call to Alvin.. but alas.. he reached Toa Payoh le.. mi so sorry.. din meant to pangseh u.. but slept at almost 6am.. tats why cant wake up on time.. din meet him at Toa Payoh.. instead meet him at Boon Keng Mrt.. together with Eileen Loke En En aka Ah Ma.. n Cho Kiyoshi Joo.. but.. these 2 people oso late.. Ah Ma say she go withdraw $$.. tats why late.. n Kiyoshi stays nearest.. 4 of us took train to Chinese Garden Station.. meet Goh Jian Hui aka Slut.. n Goh Chee Yang aka D** (haha.. Jian Hui started tis).. den go eat lunch at a nearby coffeeshop before goin to Jurong Swimming Complex.. omg.. wan go swim den still had such heavy lunch.. Alvin.. Kiyoshi.. Jianhui.. n mi had chicken rice.. Ah Ma had some dim sum.. Chee Yang din eat.. rain started to pour after awhile.. kinda spoilt e day.. den e 6 of us took shelter n wait for e rain to stop.. mani people left e place due to e rain.. as soon as rain stop we continued playing.. play until bout 6.. knocked mi head.. hurt mi knee.. n had a estimately 12cm scar on mi body.. so poor thing.. den we had dinner at e KFC cum Pizza Hut.. after dinner Jian Hui n Chee Yang head home.. e rest of us head to Ah Ma house.. play SCRABBLE!!! haha.. so lame.. but so fun.. at 10+ headed home.. rushed home to watch soccer.. biggest clash of e season.. Man Utd vs Arsenal.. cheers!!! Man U won 2-0.. though there are mani questionable situations.. Man U deserve to win e game.. based on e chances n possession.. but maybe if a red card was given everything would change.. ard 2+ am buay tahan liao.. went to bed..

Monday (24th Oct)
guess tis holidays had turn mi into a pig.. slept from 2+ am until 3+ pm.. too hungry.. woke up to eat.. head hurts when wake up.. n kinda blackout effect.. maybe due to yesterday knock on mi head.. after eating watchin tv awhile.. den 5+ mi went back to bed again.. den sleep until 10+.. ha.. sleep.. eat.. play.. enjoy life eh.. wake up eat again.. 11+ Min called.. on phone for few hours.. den watch tv.. until 4+ den went to bed liao.. nothing much happen today..

Tuesday (25th Oct)
cant realli recall wat happen on tis day.. think mi stayed at home e whole day.. as usual.. eat.. sleep.. watch tv.. online do nothing.. n oh ya.. SIP info was released on tis day.. mi posted to mi cousin's company.. Efusion Pte Ltd.. workin hours 0915 to 1700 (Mon to Fri).. 0915 to 1200 (Sat).. shorter workin hours compared to others.. but Sat oso need to work.. sad.. but nvm.. now enjoy life first..

Wednesday (26th Oct)
was supposed to meet Ah Ma 11 at her house opposite e bus stop.. but she late.. ha.. still take free ride from her mum to e bus stop.. she reached ard 11.30.. den we went shopping at Bugis.. first went Seiyu.. she say go eat first.. but she shop shop shop Shop Shop Shop SHop SHop SHop SHOp SHOp SHOp SHOP SHOP SHOP.. ha.. typical ger she is.. gers juz simply love SHOPPING.. when Ah Ma goes shopping she can even forget her name.. den we went to had lunch at Bugis Food Court.. n after lunch.. its back to SHOPPING.. actualli SHOPPING can be real fun.. but Ah Ma is juz too mad over it.. Shopaholic as she call herself.. oh.. e purpose of today's outing is to shop for her mum's bday present.. but tis ger.. shopped mainly for herself.. ha.. in e end she bought a nice doggy puzzle n a nice nice frame for her mum.. at 2+ she wanted to leave le.. but mi drag her to meet Jady they all at PS.. Eric came to meet us at Bugis.. den 3 of us went PS together.. went to Yoshinoya.. Eric had his lunch there.. den mi help Ah Ma to fix e puzzle.. den Jady came.. den Alvin came.. den we went Mos Burger.. drank milkshake.. den Ah Ma go home liao.. Alvin sent her home.. den later he came back.. meantime we went to arcade.. awhile after Alvin is back.. Jady went off for his karate.. 3 of us went to Parklane had our dinner.. den went Selegie to play pool.. ard 10+ went home.. reach home den watch tv.. until nearli 6am den slp..

Thursday (27th Oct)
woke up at 4pm.. too tired.. played too much yesterday.. left for work at 4.40.. had dinner at workplace.. today not v busy.. at 9.30 everything was done.. first time so earli.. before 10 can leave liao.. ha.. found a wallet on bus 40.. hand it over to e station at e interchange.. reached home before 11.. usualli reach home ard 11.30.. but today so earli.. kinda not used to it.. den watch tv.. stay online.. until now.. still watchin tv.. tml gotta work again.. next week movin back to Toa Payoh's flat already.. right now.. at tis moment.. missed Min alot alot ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Min.. Min.. Min.. I MISS U!!! =D

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* Saturday, October 23, 2004 *

was sleepin today when mi receive e sms from TP.. below is mi results for tis sem exam.. tot mi will fail ENAD exam de.. was already mentally prepared to take supplementary paper.. but heng.. but hor.. gpa now dropped to 3.00 le.. still in Top 25% though.. aiya.. can pass can liao.. now can finalli enjoy mi holiday without ani worries.. =D

Basic Financial Accounting(BFA): A,
Communication Skills 4(CMSK4): B+,

Enterprise Application Development(ENAD): C,
Enterprise Computing Major Project(ENCMP): C+,
Applied Principles for Effective Living 3(APEL3): Pass,
e-Business Management(eBMGT): C+

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* Friday, October 22, 2004 *

I'll never stop loving you - Britney Spears

They say in this world
Nothing lasts forever
But I don't believe that's true
'Cause the way that I feel
When we're together
I know that's the way
I'll always feel for you

From now until forever
That's how long I'll be true
I'll make you this vow
And promise you now
Until forever
I'll never stop loving you

There'll come a day
When the world stops turning
And stars will fall from the sky
But this feeling will last
When the sun stops burning
All I wanna do is love you
Till the end of time

It's gonna take more than a lifetime
To give you all the love
All the love I feel for you tonight

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* Monday, October 18, 2004 *

I'm back! to continue from where mi stop.. ok.. went to Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre to buy supper for Mum.. after buy liao den Dad remember e incident which causes mani Bedok residents to be victim of Cholera.. but its too late.. aniwae reach home at bout 11.. den watch soccer.. n eat supper.. ok.. Henry n Reyes makes a v good combination.. e way e 2 set up each other.. their passes.. their runs.. totalli earned mi admiration.. disappointing Man Utd.. got held to a 0-0 draw.. soccerball is indeed round.. Fulham was leading Liverpool 2-0.. n Liverpool onli has 10 men left after Josemi got his marchin orders.. but how did they manage to turn e game round n win 2-4? kelong? or is it e influence n presence of Xabi Alonso? u give e verdict.. after tat watch Man City vs Chelsea.. Man City won.. so shiok to see Chelsea lose.. so wat if they r rich.. so wat if they have so mani stars.. after tat mi fall aslp liao.. too tired from work..

Sunday (17th Oct)
slept at bout 2 last nite.. woke up at 5+.. am not pm.. 3+ hrs of slp.. but mi feel so awake.. dun feel like slpin at all.. den watch e remainin 25 mins of Espanyol vs Barcelona match.. Barca was leadin 1-0.. final score was 1-0.. mins after e match ended.. Dad n Mum woke up.. nan de all so earli wake up.. sunday somemore.. bring both of them go eat breakfirst.. so good boi mi is.. ha.. after breakfirst headed home.. den mi feel so eng.. so decided to pack mi table n computer table.. pack n pack.. end up pack all mi things in e house.. n it onli took mi from 7+ to ard 9.30 to complete packing.. cleared 3 bags full of rubbish.. ha.. sense of achievement sia.. been wantin to pack mi stuffs long ago.. finalli took action.. was suppose to meet Eileen aka Ah Ma, Alvin Tan Yi Wen n Kiyoshi at 11 at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.. but due to long time no go Toa Payoh.. mi boarded wrong feeder bus.. 232 brought mi to a big round.. from Lorong 1 to Lorong 8 to Lorong 7 den back to Lorong 1 den Lorong 2 before headin to e interchange.. never bypass e swimming complex at all.. sianz.. den from interchange took another bus out to e swimming complex.. reached at 11.15.. BUT mi still e earliest.. called Kiyoshi.. he's waitin for Ah Ma.. worst lo.. worst Ah Ma!! ard 11.30 all reached liao.. den we go in.. at 1+ nearli 2 begin to rain.. so intend to leave.. wan go change alr.. den e worst Ah Ma found out she dropped e locker key.. so we had a treasure hunt.. search all e pools.. but cant find.. until 3+.. no choice.. mi need to reach home by 4.. so paid $8 for e levy charge to open e locker.. inside e locker contains all our slippers n shoes.. ha.. 3.30 liao.. Ah Ma still in e changin room.. so mi pang seh them.. quick rush home.. reached home at 3.50.. still got time to have a proper shower.. den at 4.05 Ah Seng came to fetch mi to Pasir Ris for soccer match.. for e details of e soccer match.. mi shall post it tml.. now lazy la.. =P.. ok.. den reached home at 7+ nearli 8.. was so hungry.. nothing to eat.. after shower den mi feel so sick.. den go slp.. wah kaoz.. think coz e weather.. awhile rain.. awhile sun so hot.. buay tahan buay tahan buay tahan!!! 10+ mi woke up.. den awhile slp back again.. bout 12+ wake up again.. until now.. now discussin with Eric bout today's match.. tml den update e details of today's match.. tats all..

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* Sunday, October 17, 2004 *

so mani days din blog liaoz.. intended to blog everyday after exams 1.. but.. v v v lazy! wat a lazy boi mi is.. ever since start of poly life.. before each sem start.. mi will tell myself.. "tis sem muz be hardworking".. tis phrase has never work in mi poly life.. born slacker.. can be hardworkin in other stuffs.. but never in studies.. dunno why ar.. nvm la.. mi comin to an end of mi study life liao.. hopefulli tis sem can pass.. next week get back results liao.. dun intend to go U.. or rather results too lousy cannot go la.. followin will be blogs for e past few days:

Thursday (14th Oct)
lets see.. on tis day mi wake up at.. erm.. 2+ ? or is it 3+ ? ha.. intended to go for haircut 1 lo.. been tokin bout tat for so mani days.. so mani weeks.. but lazy la.. downstair onli oso lazy.. worst ar.. wake up liao.. washed up.. makan.. den slack liaoz.. could have go to sentosa with poly frenz 1.. but din choose to go with them.. from e pics they took it seems so fun.. think if mi go will onli spoil their mood la.. so its wiser to stay at home.. so mi stay at home WHOLE DAY.. watch tv.. online do nothing.. as usual.. slack until earli mornin den slp.. n it was 6+ nearli 7 in e mornin den mi went to bed.. chatted with Siti n Waisoon for quite a few hours in msn.. den both go slp liao.. mi still cant slp.. wanted to go downnstair walk walk at 5+.. but hor.. lazy leh.. so never.. oh ya.. got a call from Min but din ans.. sori sori sori.. den at 2+ wished her good luck for her paper e followin day.. mornin 7+ she replied.. 1st msg still can reply her.. coz juz slp.. by e 2nd msg.. mi knock out liaoz..

note: pls go to tis url to view e pics ENC people took at sentosa using Li Kai's digi cam.. http://sg.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/edens_guards/my_photos

Friday (15th Oct)
another day mi wake up at 2+ to 3+.. practically everyday oso tis time wake up la.. lazy lazy lazy pig! holidays too sianz liao.. washed up.. eat.. den go online.. go read ppl's blog.. lazy to update own blog.. den 4+ leave for work.. left home at 4.45 tis time round.. coz prev fri left home at nearli 5.. den was late for 20 mins.. but hor.. tis time round mi still nearli late.. bo bianz.. took cab to work from bedok.. instead of change to bus.. business wasnt busy.. in fact v lousy.. v few customers.. all of us so free.. walk here walk there.. got a new female staff.. time passed pretty fast.. arranged with supervisor for Jady's schedule for next week.. so sori Jady.. u r supposed to start work last week alr.. but mi din keep remind e forgetful boss.. so Jady can finalli start work next week.. oh ya.. Edmund aka boss.. roast duck stall at e coffeeshop beside started liao.. can say tat tis boss got business brain.. so far his business is successful.. supper for e nite is fried rice AGAIN.. thanks to Kiyoshi.. everytime think fried rice.. den sureli is fried rice.. but for e first time.. supper got meat inside.. after work go home.. reached home at 11+.. den watched tv again.. think mi begin to fall in love with mi tv liao.. hongkong dramas are so nice to watch.. so so so much better den local dramas.. watched until 6.. den tired liao.. so go slp..

Saturday (16th Oct)
yesterday woke up at 2+.. so mani days in a row woke up at tis time.. den watch tv.. watch until time to go work.. left home at 4.30 tis time round.. dun wanna be late again.. late too mani times liao.. boss been good so far.. din tok to mi.. but muz be automatic oso ma.. everytime late oso no good.. sometimes late ok la.. ha.. lazy mi.. ard 4.35 bus came.. as mi board e bus.. tap mi ez link card.. omg! concession stamp ended on 15th Oct.. wth.. ez link card no money.. no choice.. get down bus.. headed home.. called mi Dad.. asked him to drive mi to work.. ha.. ended up left home at 5.45.. reach workplace at 6.02.. ha.. late again.. though onli 2 mins.. but still no good lo.. diaoz.. initialli not much crowd.. but as time pass.. wah kaoz.. so so so mani ppl.. work until buay tahan.. where is Kiyoshi??? ha.. he was scheduled to work today 1 lo.. but den boss wan cut down manpower.. coz past few days business v bad.. so onli got 2 part timers.. mi n Lawrence.. realli is busy until no time to rest at all lo.. from ard 6.30.. work until 10.30!! non-stop action.. first time work until so busy.. work so hard quite worth it la.. got praised from a few customers.. =P.. tats e best motivation.. though end of e day its e pay tats most impt.. ha.. payday is alwaes e happiest moment when workin.. today supper is again e same as yesterday.. ha.. nono.. its not leftover.. although e day before realli left alot of rice.. after work Dad came to pick mi up.. coz no ez link card to go home lo.. ok stop here for now.. goin out liao.. to be continued..............................

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* Thursday, October 14, 2004 *

and for tis blog.. it shall be about today.. last nite in msn ask Alvin go swimmin.. he say until v on.. ask him to call mi when he feel like goin.. coz haven realli confirm wat time go.. but tat oscar winner din call mi.. mi oso lazy to go swimmin la.. so din call him oso.. mi woke up at 3+ today.. first thing when wake up.. as usual.. headache again.. next thing in mi mind is.. sian another boring day.. slack awhile on bed.. until head not so pain liao.. den go wash up.. den eat mi first meal of e day.. after eatin den play game.. until 5+ den watch tv.. watch tv until 9+.. den mi go take "afternoon" nap.. woke up at 12 midnight sharp.. den watch soccer.. Azerbaijan vs England.. match ended 1-0 to England.. Owen e faggot finalli score.. England din perform up to their standards.. quite a boring match.. after tat watch another match.. Finland vs Holland.. haha.. nice nice match.. Holland aka The Netherlands.. my favourite country.. so mani newbie in e dutch squad.. but still they are so good.. initialli they were 1 goal down.. den they fought back n won 3-1.. Van Nistelrooy scored 2.. Wesley Sneijder scored e other 1.. now watchin Iceland vs Sweden.. dun think gonna watch e whole match.. dun like both countries.. tml might gonna be another boring day.. could have prevent it to be a boring day.. by goin sentosa with poly frenz.. but dun wanna be involved in big group gatherin again.. have great fun guys.. did abit of thinkin juz now.. still miss e same people v much.. Aloysius.. Abroysius.. n Min.. miss all of them equally much.. hope to see them soon soon soon!! but soon seems so far.. *cryz*

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Yesterday was v lazy.. so mi din blog.. so for tis blog.. shall start off with yesterday.. hmm.. lets recall.. yesterday was a v bad day.. was supposed to meet May at 12.. acc her go book her advanced theory together with Jane n Veron.. e day before told her to call mi at 10.45 to wake mi up.. yes she did call.. BUT..mi din wake up.. tats not e worse.. to think mi slept until 1.20.. n it was her call tat got mi awake.. AGAIN mi woke up with a headache.. mi got no idea why mi everyday oso got headache.. ok headache is not impt.. May sounded v angry in e phone call.. mi was still in blur blur mode.. din realli heard wat she say.. den realised she put down e phone liao.. but can sense her anger.. n guess wat.. mi have 35 missed calls.. 3 new messages.. 34 missed calls from May.. 1 from Jane.. in a lost dunno wat to do.. few minutes later sms May to apologise.. in e end meet her 2.45 at Dhoby Gaut Mrt Station.. on my way mi keep sneezin.. n head still pain.. think gonna sick liao.. weak weak weak.. after meet her.. we walk to e bus stop.. she dun seems to be as angry as mi tot she was.. heng ar.. den we take bus to Parklane.. she need to reach an agency over there at 3.. while waitin for e bus.. e weather is so hot.. not warm.. but hot.. buay tahan.. reach e agency liao den she went in.. mi stay outside wait.. 15 - 20 minutes later she finalli came out.. mi wait outside so sian.. den we head to Paradiz food court for lunch.. eat finish liao den walk back to PS.. walk around PS until 6.. den take train to Sengkang.. coz May need to get something from Waisan.. meetin Waisan 6.30 at Sengkang.. after Waisan reached den we went to Compass Point walk walk.. May wan to buy something.. but cant find.. so din buy aniting.. den parted ways with Waisan.. she wan go home by 7 to watch TV.. den mi n May take bus to Hougang n change bus.. she goin to her student's house to teach tuition.. mi go home.. as usual ar.. May got so mani things to say.. she alwaes has lots of stories to share.. reach home ard 7.45.. den watch tv watch tv watch tv.. until erm 3+.. not a bad day la.. at least din stay at home to rot.. juz e weather v hot.. oh ya.. at 12+ saw a missed call from Min.. she called at 11+.. mi hp in silent mode.. din realised.. oops.. intended to call her back when mi saw.. but at tat point of time.. mi ah ma, Eileen Loke En En, was in bad mood.. so was Tan Yi Wen Alvin.. both oso attitude.. spread to them by Goh Jian Hui aka Slut Grey.. all becoz of e sentosa trip on thur.. so mi calm both of them.. n chit chat with them until mi forgot to call Min.. so late liao.. so din call her le.. den later chat with Fui, Jane n Jady on msn.. 3+ all go slp liao.. left mi alone.. tv got no more program to watch.. so sian so sian so sian.. got nothing to do.. mi hu si luan xiang again.. think awhile den headache again liao.. headache cant think so mi went to bed ard 4+ 5 like tat ba.. tats all for yesterday..

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* Tuesday, October 12, 2004 *

LOL.. LOL.. LOL.. mi mad liao le.. yes mi v v v mad.. mi today slept until 3+ pm den wake up.. wah kaoz.. tat means mi slp for.. erm.. 16 hrs++.. but in btw got wake up den slp back la.. but still.. v v v long lo.. long long time no slp for so so long liao.. bo bian.. mi too free liao le.. today whole day stay at home again.. sianz.. hmm.. wake up liao.. mi do nth.. daydream for an hour plus.. den online.. but msn screw up again.. dunno wat maintenance they doin.. everyday server oso down.. so mi go play CM.. installed e new patch.. but so sian.. until 5+ watch tv.. watch watch watch all e way until 11+.. had mi dinner at 6+.. first meal of e day.. n tat was mi onli meal.. so thin le still eat onli 1 meal.. haha.. wait vanish into thin air ar.. den 11+ Min called.. ha.. mi was supposed to do e talkin.. but horz.. end up shes e 1 talkin.. oops =X.. dui bu qi Min.. mi prefer to listen to u talk den mi talk.. coz like tat den can hear ur sweet voice ma.. =P.. on phone for bout 2 hrs ba.. den she wan go slp liao.. today was v bored de.. until she called.. but after ended e call.. mi bored again liao.. nothing to do.. n msn is down again.. so mi play CM again.. but mi din realli play.. instead mi play cheat.. by creatin own players.. own team.. own stadium.. haha.. sounds quite stupid.. but still did it.. spend almost 2 hrs doin tat.. wat a waste of time.. but at least better den do nothing.. wanted to download naruto 1.. but hor.. hard disk left so little space.. install so mani softwares for projects.. now tat its over.. can delete liao la.. but lazy.. wait another day la.. gonna 5 liao le.. but mi still v much awake.. last nite slp too much.. at tis v moment mi miss her so much.. feel like seein her leh.. so long so long no see her liao.. *sad sad*.. but den she busy ma.. sigh.. muz wait until when den can see her leh.. *tick tock* *tick tock* 1 second 1 second like tat past.. hope can see her v v v v v v v soon ba.. I MISS U! I MISS U! I MISS U!

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* Monday, October 11, 2004 *

Juz woke up.. with a headache again.. today was bored.. n tired.. dozed off at 11+ pm while watchin tv.. den 1+ am woke up.. but den went back to slp.. today noon woke up at 2+ pm.. cant realli recall wat mi did.. was online.. chattin with Eric n Keet Leong bout soccer stuffs.. meantime oso had mi late breakfast + lunch.. den ard 4 left home for soccer.. was told to reach Seng Kang at 4.45 pm.. but den mi 4.30 like tat reach liao.. coz Dad sent mi there.. today's opponent were all youngsters.. whereas our team is mixture of youngsters n uncles.. furthermore Aloy n Jason not playin today.. we started off e game pretty good.. took a 1-nil lead.. Kelvin scored tat goal.. after some solo play by Clarence.. who lose e ball.. n luckily it went to Kelvin.. after which e opponent scored an equaliser.. n moments later they were awarded a penalty due to a handball in e box.. but e idiot who took e penalty shot straight into our keeper's hand.. so thankfully it remain 1-1.. few minutes before half time we scored again.. to make it 2-1.. Watali was e scorer tis time.. he was so big size.. but he managed to sneak into e box like a fox.. credit to him.. n to Steve who cross e ball into e box.. whereas for mi.. was forced to leave e pitch before half time.. got a bruise on mi thigh after a sliding tackle on e opponent's player.. shortly before 1st half ended.. Keet Leong came.. den minutes later 2nd half started.. e team was in a mess.. fullbacks standin in front of wingers.. defenders not lookin at last man's line.. tis is a disaster.. with all these mistakes.. opponent took e advantage n scored an equaliser.. n den took e lead to 3-2.. while doin defensive job.. mi sprain mi ankle.. was forced out again.. n couldnt play for e rest of e game.. with more den half an hour left on e clock.. eventualli we lost e game 4-2.. honestly speaking.. 4-2 is a well deserved score line.. they could have scored more.. e opposition team is good.. they have e experience.. their positioning is good.. their players make e effort to support each other.. n definitely they have e pace.. they keep things easy by playin short passes.. although they deserve to win.. but we dun deserve to lose.. most imptly we lost on e hands of e referee.. he is an indian.. most probably he doesnt noe how to play soccer.. go back to india n play ur cricket.. he is simply beyond description.. worst den a newbie.. he is indecisive.. when e ball goes out whichever team claims e ball is theirs first.. gets e ball.. even though its a wrong decision!! so mani offsides were not caught.. shirts pullin.. ball crossed e outside line.. infridgement.. pushing.. he hardly even use his whistle.. dunno how to use perhaps.. he should realli go back to india.. today dunno why mi v hot tempered.. scolded e referee for his "kelong-ness".. after match Ah Seng drove mi home.. which is a good thing.. else would take mi bout 45 min to reach home.. reached home at ard 7.20.. missed quite a bit of it alr.. but nvm.. watched Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre.. until 8.. today final episode.. den continue to watch other programmes until 9+.. den had mi dinner at 10+.. den slack online.. teach my Ah Ma aka Eileen.. how to create tagboard n play music in e blog.. den cont to watch tv until 11+ dozed off.. woke up due to headache.. so here mi is to blog.. now time to go back to slp.. holidays r realli v bored.. nite

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* Sunday, October 10, 2004 *

back for 2nd post of e day.. dun feel like slpin yet.. been in deep thoughts for e past hour or so.. so mani things goin on in mi mind.. life is indeed v fragile.. anything can happen to anyone.. including myself.. people come into ur life.. people go.. people fall in love.. people get hurt.. couples get together.. couples break up.. am i thinkin too much.. perhaps i m.. perhaps i'm not.. for anything and everything theres alwaes two sides to it.. it depends on how individual thinks n feels.. diff ppl have diff views.. ppl make diff decisions.. theres no right or wrong.. its onli wise and foolish.. why is it alwaes when things happen den we regret.. why onli when we lose den we learn how to cherish.. its so difficult to live in tis world full of mixed feelings.. sometimes mi realli lose hope in life.. wats e definition of "hope".. to mi.. hope is a feeling tat keeps us moving on and live in tis world.. but in e end.. it is oso tis "hope" tat bring us down.. tats why we lose hope.. m i tokin sense here.. now mi couldnt realli understand wat mi tokin.. mi not tokin wat mi thinkin.. but mi dunno how to put mi thinkin into words.. its a blessin to be able to be with ur loved ones.. please cherish them.. dun wait till u lose them.. mi dunno if mi will be able to love her forever.. forever is a time span tat cant be measured.. but mi will n mi is determined to love her for e rest of mi life.. she's become e meaning of mi life.. mi believe people survive in tis world for e sake of love.. family love.. true love.. friends love.. siblings love.. all sorts of love.. n she's e love mi surviving for.. and at tis point of time.. mi realli miss my nephews.. mi v afraid mi might lose them for good.. mi dun wish tat to happen.. but its beyond my control.. mi cant do aniting.. mi feel so useless.. e light of my hopes are gettin dimmer.. but mi still hope.. realli realli hope.. they would return eventualli one day.. n tis day would be real soon.. veri lookin forward for tat day to arrive.. but when will it arrive.. hai.. so hungry now.. onli had a meal today.. but nth to eat.. n dun feel like eatin.. seems to lose mood to do aniting.. life is never e same.. until e day they return.. sigh.. headache yet again.. tis headache been plaguing mi for so mani days alr.. i hate headache as much as i hate panadol!

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every nite mi go bed later n later.. but every mornin or rather noon.. mi wake up earlier n earlier.. today woke up at 12+.. mi got not enough slp.. but dunno why juz feel like slpin alr.. sometimes feel tat slpin is a waste of time.. fancy spendin 8 hrs of slp.. tats one-third of a day.. n tat means one-third of our life we spend it on slpin.. tats why keep complain not enough time for tis.. not enough time for tat.. but slp is essential.. otherwise wun have energy to do work e following day.. mi still in blur blur mode.. maybe not enough slp.. maybe think too much.. brain cells runnin low alr.. last nite downloaded a game called MapleStory.. 170mb.. tot today onwards got game play wun so bored.. but e moment mi launch e program.. mi comp hang liao.. so juz too bad.. couldnt join Weishan, Natali and Joyce in e game.. so mi spent e next few hours watchin tv.. was online too.. but msn server under maintenance.. so din do aniting online.. onli until ard 4 den e server is up again.. today intended to go for a haircut.. but juz feel so lazy to drag my way there.. postphone it to tml.. but tml will be lazy again.. omg.. why m i so lazy.. was supposed to meet sec sch classmates at 5.30 marina bay control station.. if mi left home exactly at 5 den mi wun be late.. but was copyin e songs from Jady's CD to mi comp.. transfer rate was so slow.. terminated e transferring after 2 songs onli.. by den its alr 5.10.. quickly shut down comp n rushed out.. reached there bout 5.45.. was on e same train as Jady n Waisoon.. it was onli when we headin towards e control station den realised.. tot mi latest liao.. but den reached there onli saw Kiyoshi alone.. 4 of us went up to e toilet.. at there met Yunli n Valentina.. den e 6 of us waited at there for Siping.. she arrived at about 6.. was told tat e rest couldnt make it.. onli Siewhoon and Shunuan might join us later.. Siti was on her way.. when Siti arrived we make our way to Marina South.. e plan was to have steamboat for dinner.. but we din.. ended up at Dhoby Gaut's Long John Silver.. had our dinner there.. after which intended to watch movie.. Exorcist.. but 10.00 and 10.55 shows doesnt have good seats.. next time slot was 00.50.. but it was too late for a few.. so dropped e idea.. went to Piazza to have some drinks while waitin for soccer to start at 10.. England vs Wales.. meantime we chatted.. had a game of pool with Kiyoshi.. awhile later Shunuan came to join us.. den e gers went to look for cake for Siti.. purpose of today's outing is to celebrate Siti's bday in advance.. no cakes.. ended up with tarts mi think.. while watchin soccer was smsin with Min.. perhaps its with e wrong grp of ppl.. din get to enjoy e soccer match.. they r not soccer lovers like mi.. onli Kiyoshi watchin his idol, Beckham n his fav team, England.. juz as 2nd half starts.. they wanted to leave alr.. n leavin to nowhere.. might as well juz sit there.. aniwae end up sittin outside e mrt station.. sang Siti a bday song.. n they shared e tarts.. minutes later Yunli and Shunuan headed home.. while e rest of us couldnt make up our mind where to go.. make our way to 7-11 n got some drinks.. sat outside PS n chit chatted until 12.20.. today's outing was a huge letdown.. mi was filled with anticipation for tis outing.. coz past few months din realli go out n enjoy myself.. due to proj.. work.. n probs.. din expected to go home so earli today.. but all give those sian sian look.. see liao oso sian.. to make things worse.. some keep sayin sian.. e word "sian" can realli affect ppl ard u.. everyone sit down so quiet.. mi tried to break e ice alr.. but see they all so sian makes mi du lan onli.. so all go home.. Valentina.. Waisoon.. and mi shared a cab.. while e other 4 go seperate way from us.. cant rem wat time mi reached home.. should be before 1.. den online.. chat with Waisoon.. Jady.. Siping.. n Siti.. mainly tok bout today's outing.. after tis outin.. mi not lookin forward to e next e2 gatherin alr.. perhaps it will be better to have smaller grp outin.. n tot today can see Min.. coz quite some time no see her liao.. miss her.. in conclusion.. today got too mani negative factors liaoz.. now is 4.30 alr.. mi got nth to do.. mi not tired.. hmm.. time to download naruto.. shall end here.. n before mi end.. 10th is Joyce birthday.. Happy Sweet 18th Birthday to Lee Yishan, Joyce.. best wishes..

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* Saturday, October 09, 2004 *

*yawnz* woke up at 2+.. with a headache again.. dunno why keep havin headache.. somehow cant recall exactly wat mi did juz hours ago.. mi dun seems to have done aniting.. den time seems to pass so fast.. its already time for mi to leave for work liaoz.. left home at ard 5.. suppose to reach workplace at 6.. but den got caught in a slow moving traffic at kaki bukit area.. durin e bus journey.. 2 person stood at each of my side.. mi was sandwiched btw them.. den both of them were tokin.. bus was v packed.. mi cant moved away.. no choice mi have to stand there listen both of them tokin.. quite awkward though.. din wanted to eavesdrop.. but they r like speakin rite in my face.. both of them r frenz.. e ger is teachin e guy how to love his gf.. stuffs like spendin more time together.. bein more romantic.. etc.. e ger is tryin to act smart.. n e guy is tryin to entertain his fren.. wanted to laugh.. but mi din.. eventualli reached workplace at ard 6.20.. late for 20 mins.. tot mi would receive a talking from boss.. but surprisingly he din.. work was borin as usual.. tonite business wasnt v busy.. but theres still a crowd.. luckily not so busy.. coz part timers onli got mi n Kiyoshi.. den today got a new staff.. a manager to be specific.. dunno why juz feel tat he doesnt have those manager pattern.. din interact with him much.. but he seems v experienced in F&B line.. at ard 9.50 everything was done alr.. e time seems to pass so fast today.. oh ya.. today is another staff, Michael, last day.. din ask e reason.. perhaps he wanna job hop.. ever since mi joined e company.. he had taught mi quite alot of things.. been workin for 3 months alr.. saw so mani staffs join n oso so mani staffs quit.. couldnt realli have a chance to make a fren at work.. those colleagues are juz frenz at work.. n maybe becoz of e age gap.. most are in their 30s or 40s.. left workplace at ard 10.15.. by e time reached home was alr 11.20.. home is so boring.. got nth to do.. watch tv n online.. chatted with Min for awhile.. good suggestion from her.. since mi so free.. can go download naruto from e 1st episode n start watching.. at 1am sharp.. mi broke a plate.. n it nearli landed on my foot.. juz a few cm away.. mi dunno how mi drop e plate.. held it tightly alr.. but still can drop.. fancy clearin up e mess in e middle of e nite.. been juz so blur for e past many days.. after tat fa dai until 3am.. watch soccer.. England Under 21 vs Wales Under 21.. onli watched e 1st half den dozed off liao.. woke up match alr ended.. 1st half was goalless.. final score was 2-0 to England.. Pennant n Milner played well.. Pennant should be given a chance in e senior squad.. n pls drop Beckham.. n drop Owen too.. so wat if u have e experience but no form.. its juz like u r very rich.. but u dun have e joy tat a poor may enjoy.. ok nothing to do alr.. switch off tv.. shut down comp.. back to sleep.. goodnitez..

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* Friday, October 08, 2004 *

today woke up by Alvin's call at ard 12 noon.. mi ask him to call mi de.. in case mi cant wake up on time.. forgotten wat mi told him over e phone.. coz head still v pain.. den mi fall aslp again.. worst.. woke up ard 1pm.. saw Kiyoshi's sms.. badminton is on.. den saw Yew Choon's sms too.. din reply him.. coz dunno wat to reply.. been in a blur blur mood ever since mi woke up.. den ard 1.40 left home.. reach Braddell Heights CC at ard 2.10.. mi late le.. but Alvin even later lo.. stay so near still late.. worst boi.. reach le saw Kiyoshi and Waisoon playing liaoz.. few minutes later mi joined in.. den Alvin arrived n joined in too.. first game partner with Waisoon.. won e game.. next game partner with Kiyoshi.. alot misunderstandings.. lose tis game.. den partner with Alvin.. oso lose.. after finishin playin doubles ard 4 liao.. Alvin gotta leave for work so he goes off first.. actualli we are supposed to leave too.. coz onli book 2-4.. but den next time slot no one book.. so we cont to play.. played singles.. first play against Waisoon.. den play against Kiyoshi.. den against Waisoon.. den again Kiyoshi.. lost all e games.. mi lousy yes.. but den partly coz mi shin injured from yesterday soccer.. cannot run.. Waisoon injured his heel coz of his shoe.. Kiyoshi got blisters on his feet coz of yesterday soccer oso.. in e end we played until 6+.. play 2 hrs + more for FREE.. during one of e game btw Kiyoshi and Waisoon den mi was resting.. rest until mi fall aslp.. den wake up again headache.. buay tahan.. but lucki awhile later okie liao.. after badminton we head for dinner at e S11 foodcourt which was somehow owned by Waisoon's uncle.. eat until 7+ den make our way to e bus stop.. at e bus stop got 1 indian uncle.. he smoking den blow all e smoke towards mi direction.. buay tahan.. why smokers are so inconsiderate.. passive smokers stand a higher chance to contract lung cancer.. reach home at 8.. den watch tv until 11+.. was online since 8+ though.. after finish watch tv den edit mi blog.. chat in msn.. mi so happi with mi blog.. got pic.. got music.. thanks to Lailin's help.. mi too free liao.. dunno wat to do.. keep play with blog onli.. haha.. until now still playin with blog.. and chattin with Chen Fui and Jady in msn.. still havin headache.. why why why.. jiu ming ar..

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* Thursday, October 07, 2004 *

Today is e last day of tis semester.. tis semester seems to pass so fast.. exams ended today and tat means holidays begin!! tat was supposed to be a piece of good news.. but sadly mi did badly for today's paper.. think mi gonna fail le.. have to take supplementary paper.. haiz.. mi regret le.. skip too mani lectures and din pay attention in class.. all e so-called "tips" lecturers gave did not come out at all.. wat's on their mind? why wanna sabo us? happy to see us fail is it? TP realli sux.. mi will not miss e place.. but mi will miss all e frenz.. e joy.. e laughter.. e fun.. we all had.. today was suppose to meet Jady and Alvin at 1 for lunch.. but they late mi even later =P.. had lunch at design.. eat eat tok tok din realise time was 1.50 alr.. all panic.. late for exam.. rushed to e venue.. before mi even enter e room.. mi mind was in total blank.. cant recall all e theories tat mi memorised so hard.. sigh.. e moment mi sat down mi say to myself.. "relax dun panic".. flip over e paper.. OMG!! dunno how to do.. die liao lo.. 3 hr paper.. but got ppl 45 min submit liao.. more likely give up? cant be so fast lo.. mi took 1½ hr to finish.. bout ½ hr to check through.. left e room at nearli 4.. den waited for all to get out.. meantime sms with min.. den play soccer.. until 7+ nearli 8.. tis could jolly well be e last time we r playing soccer in sch.. on my way home.. go buy bread eat with Alvin.. at potong pasir mrt there.. reached home around 9.15.. was v tired and sick.. but dunno why dun feel like slpin.. so watched tv.. online do nothing.. as usual la.. so sianz.. den suddenly got mood to edit mi blog.. started at 2+ now 4+ liao.. mi headache is killin mi.. time to go and rest liao.. nitez.. enjoy ur holidays people..

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* Sunday, September 12, 2004 *

Happy 4th Birthday to Aloysius!!! Posted by Hello

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